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Granite is a beautiful natural stone that is an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom counter tops due to the wide array of colors to choose from and it’s durability and longevity.  It’s one of the hardest materials available, which means it can endure high temperatures, like setting hot pots or curling irons on it, and it’s extremely scratch resistant.

Granite comes from all over the world and each slab is different.  Even if two slabs were mined from the same quarry and are the same color, the mineral composition will be unique.  This means that your specific counter top will never be duplicated.  

Although granite can seem like a costly investment, because of it’s durability and longevity, a granite counter top can last a lifetime if properly taken care of.  Not only will granite add an elegant look and value to your home, it is easy to maintain.  Let us at Floor It help you find the right granite for your home.

Take a look at our photo gallery to view some completed granite installations.

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