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Carpet is a comfortable and welcoming flooring that is offered in a large assortment of styles and colors. Whether you’re looking for carpet for a high-traffic area like the family room or a low-traffic area like the guest bedroom, a formal or informal setting, we have the carpet for you. If a main concern for you is stains, there are durable, proven products that will put your mind at ease. Offering cut piles, loops, and patterned designs, we can tailor to your needs and design. So if you’re thinking about covering your floors with new carpet, let us at Floor It assist you in finding the one that fits your style, purpose, and budget.

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Most carpets have some type of stain resistant treatment that greatly improves the ability to clean stains, whether it be topically applied or built-in, but these treatments do not prevent stains. All carpets require care and maintenance, just like any type of flooring, as it’s normal for flooring to get dirty.

Below are some care and maintenance tips:
• Carpet should be vacuumed regularly to prevent dirt from embedding itself in the pile.
• Professional cleaning is recommended every 12 to 18 months.
• If there are any pulls or snags, use a scissors to cut them; pulling them may damage the carpet.
• If a spill occurs, clean it immediately. Sop up any excess liquid and blot with water. Then, using a high suction function, vacuum back and forth, adding more water to the stain as needed, until clean.
• If a food spill occurs, gently remove as much solid material as possible, using a dull knife or a spoon will help. Add water and blot. Then, using a high suction function, vacuum back and forth, adding more water to the stain as needed, until clean.
• If you need a spot removal solvent, you should refer to The Carpet and Rug Institute for approved products via the link below


• It is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s warranty brochure for specific guarantees and requirements.

Below you’ll find links to the carpet manufacturers available at Floor It, so that you can view the wide array of styles and colors there are to offer. Just click one of the images, to be re-directed to the manufacturer’s website

Mohawk Carpets - Floor It Flooring & Renovations - 150 x49 Tiger Web Services - click through

Shaw Carperts - Floor It Flooring & Renovations - Tiger Web Services 150 x 49

Southland Floors - Floor It Flooring & Renovations - TigerWeb Services 150 x 49

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