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Laminate is a great flooring option for any home.  You get the look of a real wood floor without having to break the bank like you would with wood.  On top of being more pocket-friendly than wood, laminate is actually more resistant to damages like scratching and gouges, as it’s a harder material.  Laminate is a synthetic product made with a high-density fiberboard core, an image layer, and a top protective layer.  With the technology of today, the warmth and beauty of woods are being recreated in the form of laminates.  Not only are numerous colors available, there are also different textures and plank edge options to choose from.  Floor It carries a large variety of laminates: flat/square and beveled edges, hand-scraped and embossed textures, matte and glossy finishes, shades of red/cherry, bamboo imitations, grey and white washed options, oaks, maples, and more!  So if you’re looking for laminate flooring, let us at Floor It help you find it.

Take a look at our photo gallery to view some of our completed laminate jobs. 

As durable as laminate is, damage is still possible and getting dirty from day-to-day life is almost guaranteed, proper and preventive maintenance is very important.

Below you’ll find some care and maintenance tips.
•Sweep or vacuum floor regularly, in order to remove dust and debris.
•Use protective/felt pads under furniture; Lift furniture and move instead of pushing/sliding if possible.
•Use protective floor mats in high-traffic areas like exterior doorways, in front of the kitchen sink and stove, etc.
•Harsh cleaning products like steel wool and scouring pads should not be used.
•Clean liquid and food spills immediately.
•Do not wet mop.
•Floors should be cleaned using a specifically made laminate cleaner.
•It is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s warranty brochure for specific guarantees and requirements.

Below you’ll find links to the laminate vendors accessible at Floor It, so you can see the many styles and colors there are to offer; just click one of the images.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of the products viewed or if you have problems with any of the links.  We look forward to helping you find the perfect flooring solution.

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